Planning is a highly customized service, where a planning team leader will work with you to understand the challenges you face and assemble the team that can expertly address all related issues. Planning can take many forms and result in a variety of deliverables depending on the complexity of the planning issues, the number of stake-holders or constituents involved and the level of documentation required to obtain or justify approvals.

As planners, we become your partners to answer questions that are important to the future of your organization. Our role involves both facilitation and expertise. We seek to earn your trust as advisors through the clarity of the process and through the depth of industry knowledge we bring to the table. Through our network of professional collaborators we have provided planning services to clients in a wide variety of market sectors:

Retail and Retail Banking
Land Development
Higher Education and Training
K-12 Education
Senior Care
New York
New Jersey
Los Angeles
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Real Estate Strategies

Before your organization commits to a new location, you need to be fully aware of the big picture. We accompany you on walkthroughs of the various properties you are considering to analyze how well your current and projected needs would be served by the square footage, layout, location and views. We help you evaluate mechanical aspects, land limitations, neighborhood conditions, tenant issues, lease options and other major concerns. Upon final site selection, a preliminary budget is prepared.

Visioning and Workplace Strategies

Interior architectural design is most successful when it supports an organization’s core business and is executed within the context of the organization’s mission, goals and growth projections. This strategic planning process begins with the comprehensive evaluation of processes and procedures. It then extends into the creation of highly customized recommendations that address vision of the organization and the specific needs of the facilities for the foreseeable future in terms of functionality, flexibility, traffic flow, work habits and corporate or institutional culture.


Our design work is based on the unique requirements of your organization. At the outset of the project, we gather detailed information about current and projected occupant counts and space needs detailing the requirements for relationships, interactions, work processes, furniture, fixtures, equipment, light, power, environmental comfort and security. This document serves as a valuable reference throughout subsequent stages of the design process. Depending on your planning horizon, the program could anticipate your needs over a period as brief as five years or as far-ranging as 25 years.

Surveys and Studies

We can help you determine how well your building or site is serving or might serve your current and projected needs, including appearance, efficiency and the well-being of your employees. Our thorough analysis can include site due diligence, building layout, FF&E evaluation, structural, mechanical and technological capacity and performance, envelope performance, circulation (corridors, elevators, stairways), parking and access, security issues, fire protection, code compliance, handicap accessibility and opportunities for sustainability.

Space Planning

The results of your strategic planning, evaluations, and your program requirements guide us in creating a two-dimensional plan showing the proposed functional layout and staff adjacencies. Upon approval of the preliminary space plan, we develop detailed schematic floor plans. The level of space planning detail may vary to suit a variety of purposes from quick test-fit plans to assist in the evaluation of real estate opportunities to highly collaborative planning processes leading to finely tailored space planning solutions.

Feasibility Studies

When faced with a specific opportunity or requirement, the need may arise to explore the implications of a particular idea or course of action. We will work with you to develop an abbreviated planning process that uncovers the issues associated with a proposed project, identifies a range of potential strategies, solutions and/or actions, and typically establishes schedule and budget parameters to guide decision making and funding allocations.

Facilities Planning

To help our clients maintain and manage their facilities, we offer the ability to perform facility audits and assessments of individual buildings, campuses or real estate portfolios and to assist in the development of long-term maintenance and capital renewal plans.

Campus Planning and Design Guidelines

In order to guide the development of new or existing campuses, we will work with you to develop and implement planning processes that will address focused or comprehensive planning concerns. We will generally assemble a planning team from internal staff and consultants with specific expertise that might include land planners, civil and environmental engineers, landscape architects, traffic consultants and others. We are experts at collaborative planning and can facilitate charrettes and other group planning processes designed to engage diverse stake-holders and improve planning outcomes.