Mission Driven

We are inspired by the missions of our clients. We seek to discover the unique place your organization occupies in the landscape of your business and your community. Through the planning, programming, design and construction of new or renewed facilities we help to make the experience of your staff, clients and visitors better in that place. We focus on the way places work to foster various degrees and modes of social interaction and on the way that architectural character can reflect institutional aspiration and inspire a healthy sense of pride and community.


Working with most of our clients entails engaging an array of constituencies representing a wide variety of interests. It is both an opportunity and a challenge to harness the ideas and energy of every potential participant in the design process the appropriate level. Through careful attention to process, communication and facilitation we develop a level of collaboration that will maximize the opportunity for success and buy-in while maintaining momentum and design coherence.


Particularly in today’s economic environment, the developers, administrators and users we work with are extraordinarily busy. We can help by being extraordinarily responsive. We believe that our fully integrated, design-oriented A/E approach is uncommon in the industry and offers our clients a rare combination of award-winning design and attention to project delivery.
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Planning (See Planning Section)

As architects we can work with you at any stage of your project’s development, from a glimmer of an idea in the back of your mind to the design for a highly specific program or process that you may already have defined. Planning often requires the input of many disciplines and planning projects can and do emerge from relationships with our architects, engineers and interior designers. You will work with a planning team leader that will assemble an interdisciplinary team from within and outside of the firm’s borders to address your planning needs.


Our design work is based on the unique requirements of your organization. At the outset of the project, we gather detailed information about current and projected occupant counts and space needs detailing the requirements for relationships, interactions, work processes, furniture, fixtures, equipment, light, power, environmental comfort and security. This document serves as a valuable reference throughout subsequent stages of the design process. Depending on your planning horizon, the program could anticipate your needs over a period as brief as five years or as far-ranging as 25 years. Surveys and Studies We can help you determine how well your building or site is serving or might serve your current and projected needs, including appearance, efficiency and the well-being of your employees. Our thorough analysis can include site due diligence, building layout, FF&E evaluation, structural, mechanical and technological capacity and performance, envelope performance, circulation (corridors, elevators, stairways), parking and access, security issues, fire protection, code compliance, handicap accessibility and opportunities for sustainability.

Feasibility Studies

When faced with a specific opportunity or requirement, the need may arise to explore the implications of a particular idea or course of action. We will work with you to develop an abbreviated planning process that uncovers the issues associated with a proposed project, identifies a range of potential strategies, solutions and/or actions, and typically establishes schedule and budget parameters to guide decision making and funding allocations.

Building Design

The commitment to build a new facility represents for most of our clients a significant allocation of resources and an important opportunity to affect the way their organization works and the way it is perceived. Whether for a large or small project - for a renovation, addition or new building, we see this as an honor and responsibility. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients to understand and meet their objectives for the project. Our role is to listen and understand, to offer creative and realistic alternatives and to guide you to arrive at solutions that will help you succeed.

Construction Documentation

Our objective for construction documents is two-fold – to accurately and fully reflect the design intent and to provide to the contractor the most accurate and complete guidance for the construction of the project on-time and within budget. Our integrated A/E/I approach and use of technology including Building Information Modeling (BIM) results in highly coordinated documentation.

Construction Period Services

Our design and documentation team will follow the project through construction starting with assisting you with the bidding process and ending at final-commissioning and move-in. Rather than handing-off to a construction team, we believe that the original project team can best assure that the project, as constructed, reflects your design and that our team members become better designers for you by being involved in the realization of their work.

On-Call Services

Our on-call clients include Universities, School Districts, Government Agencies, Developers, Corporations and Healthcare Providers. In this kind of relationship, we can develop a deep understanding of your operation and fine-tune our services to dove-tail with the capabilities of your staff and consultant team resulting in highly effective and efficient service across every discipline that you need.