TWIST by Roger Mooking located in Terminal 1 at Toronto Pearson International Airport welcomes travelers with an exciting culinary experience. Inspired by Roger’s diverse cultural background and unique ‘global twist’ on traditional dishes, the design for this space combines the comfort of home with the modern elements of travel.

Metal accents appear throughout the space; in the custom railings and shelving units, the chairs and barstools and in the twisted metal storefront panels which turn to reveal the interior to the passing traveler. The introduction of various wood tones within brings the space a balance and warmer ambience that contrasts the cool grey floor and dark chalkboard wall which was incorporated to engage patrons to leave their messages of good food and good fortune to future visiting travelers. The wood walls and soffits are also inscribed with words that exemplify Roger’s journeys and exploration with food, and this element frames the open kitchen to highlight the preparation and production of each delicious menu item.

A centrally located bar is topped with a sleek, seamless solid surface countertop which works in juxtaposition with the textured pebbled face. A variety of pendant light fixtures hang above the bar at different heights to reflect a playfulness that Roger displays in his personality. The color red was introduced to add an element of pop in the back of bar display and with select chairs at the bar and communal dining tables, all tying together with a large red wall graphic of a world map marking all of Rogers travels – from where he has been and to where he is going.
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