Bruce Wasersztein, AIA


Bruce Wasersztein AIA CGC is an architect with licenses in Pennsylvania, Florida, Puerto Rico, Washington DC, and New York. Additionally, Mr. Wasersztein is a licensed General Contractor in Florida. Bruce has worked with large companies in Puerto Rico, Florida and Pennsylvania.

My path to architecture actually began as a Fine Arts Major in Pratt Institute. While I enjoy crafting with my hands and the creative process that drives it, I’m a firm believer that the product must be greater – and more satisfying – than the process. This led me to pursue more challenging paths that ultimately culminated in architecture. I graduated from Pratt with a BA in Architecture and Industrial Design.

After 15 years practicing Architecture, with a focus on master planning, municipal, residential and commercial sectors, I wanted to be involved in every step of the project –from idea and design, to construction. Thus, becoming a General Contractor was a natural progression in my career. I’ve worked as both architect and contractor on commercial and residential projects in Florida and look forward to new challenges in Philadelphia