Eric Yanovich, PE, MLSE

Associate | Structural Engineering

Eric, after receiving both a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering and a Master of Architectural Engineering degree from The Pennsylvania State University, has worked with same core engineering team since early 2007. Throughout that time he has gained experience in a large array of design projects, including materials and construction of all types.

Eric always enjoyed being both creative and analytical. From playing with Linkin' Logs and Legos as a child, through helping his father with dozens of construction and electrical/mechanical projects, Eric appreciated what it took to make a vision come together. Above the enjoyment of figuring out solutions to tough problems, the rewards that come after seeing something you labored over actually come to life are invaluable. As often as the profession may go unnoticed, structural engineering is the reason there is a roof over your head, and a floor under your feet. Being apart of providing the raw skeleton, as well having the attention to detail required to enclose it properly, is the most rewarding part of Eric's work day. Working on projects in Philadelphia New York, to Hawaii, and even as far as Dubai, no two days are ever the same... and they are certainly never boring.

Beyond Eric's career as an engineer, he also enjoys any chance he can get to play ice hockey. Being a part of teams from high school, to college, to a local adult league, competition has provided a great way to relax after hours spent either learning or designing.